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    Jive apps title contain "title" and "label" text




      I am getting following errors/warnings for my app in sbs.log:

      No title found for app: simpleapp


      If I enter following value of title parameter in app.xml:

      <ModulePrefs title="my app title">


      and also set my label of app there to:

      <action id="com.jivesoftware.contentaction"  path="jive/actions/content/*"  label="my app label"  view="contentview"/>

      the errors/warnings in sbs.log will stop appearing, but my app title will have title and label which is something that I don´t want to have:


      I want my app title to have only app label, like:

      , but if I remove value from title or the whole title parameter from app.xml, so my app.xml looks like:

      <ModulePrefs title=""> or <ModulePrefs> I get again warning in my sbs.log after loading content where my app is able to reach:

      No title found for app: simpleapp


      Do you have any ideas how to solve my problem?