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    Bookmark widget external website feature not working


      The bookmarklet widget is not working correctly. Whose attention can we bring this to?


      We have instructions about creating a bookmark for an external website, but I do not see the feature in the prototype or on the Alienware community. Can you confirm whether we will have it or not?

      1. 1.     To bookmark a website on the Internet, click Create > Bookmark. Enter the URL of the web site you want to bookmark in the Web Address field.
      2. 2.     Click the Next button.
      3. 3.     Enter information in the Your Title field then enter optional information in the Your Notes and the Your Tags fields. You can even @mention someone in your notes.
      4. 4.     Optionally check the Make this bookmark private checkbox if you don’t want anyone in your community to be able to see your bookmark.
      5. 5.     Click the Save button.


      Bookmarklet widget

      Bookmarklet widget