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    Hotspots lost when uploading image with multiple URLs to HTML widget


      I've followed Libby Taylor's advice in How to create a clickable image map & added my hotspots using Dreamweaver. When I open my Dreamweaver .html file it works great, but when I upload the code to an HTML widget on an Overview page in my JiveX instance & follow Libby's instructions I lose my hotspots. I am an admin so I can upload all necessary coding. Has anyone else encountered this before &/or have any suggestions on how to correct this? 


      Here is my code:


      <img src="https://nest.advancedmd.com/resources/statics/1199/map.png?a=1505200099674" width="1563" height="237" usemap="#Map"/>

      <map name="Map" id="Map">

         <area shape="rect" coords="124,134,390,225" href="https://www.google.com">

        <area shape="rect" coords="647,135,913,226" href="https://www.advancedmd.com">



      Thanks in advance!