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    Using the API Explorer to get metrics on received emails


      Hello!  I noticed Is there any way to tell who has received emails (Email in Impact Metrics)  is already out here in Jive Training and Support Resources but the discussion is locked.   The response mentions using the Data Export Service but I was wondering if you could accomplish a similar report using the API Explorer (which I believe is connected to the same DES?)


      I ran a report on the URL of a blog post in our community using the ACTIVITY_SEND_EMAIL action that was mentioned but rather than getting a list of people who received the email, it generated a list of how many automatic email notifications were generated by the system.  The number matches what shows in impact metrics but not who the email notification was sent to, just that it was auto-generated by the system task.  Even when viewing it as a .csv, there's not really a "recipient" field.


      Is there an extra filter I could use to get who these system generated send email activities were sent to?