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    How to distinguish built-in avatar from custom one using REST API?


      I was going to use the REST API to download employee photos, relying on the fact that many of my colleagues have configured their photo as their avatar in Jive. (I know there is a separate ability to upload photos on the profile page but I don’t think many people use it.) But, not everyone has uploaded their photo as their avatar in Jive, some people just have the Jive default avatar. (A minority of folks have uploaded a custom avatar which isn’t their photo – that’s fine, I will just pretend it is their photo and worry about the fact that it is not later.)


      How can I tell programatically whether a user’s avatar is one of the default ones or not?


      I go to /api/core/v3/people/username/user%40example.com and I get back:


          "avatar" : {

            "allowed" : [ "GET" ],

            "ref" : "https://jiveon.example.com/api/core/v3/people/2280/avatar?a=1022"



      And that is their photo. I also see the same URL as “thumbnailUrl” too.


      But I pick another user who just has a default avatar, and the JSON looks the same.


      So how can I distinguish the default avatars from the custom ones in the REST API?