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    Using the Project Status Widget


      Greetings All,


      We are fairly new to Jive having recently gone live with Jive-n 2016.3.7.0. Our Program Management Office is interested in using Jive Projects for project status reporting and basic dashboards using RAG status. The first big challenge here is that there is no way to change the Project Status using what I assume to be the Project Status Widget, from the Projects page. I researched this and found reference to a bug. I have also read that the only way to do this is from the older Project Overview page, but I see no way to enable the Overview page in the version we're on.


      Does anyone know if there's any way around this? If we can't figure it out or PMO will end up using Atlassian Confluence for this and I would love to keep them in Jive.


      Thank you!