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    Should I get multiple moderation notifications?


      It seems that sometimes I get multiple notifications for the same piece of content when flagged by the Spam Prevention Services


      At first I was thinking that it was a person posting content and then editing it and then another notification was sent each time the person saved but now I am thinking that since the notifications are all sent together that the notifications are sent for each reason a piece of content is flagged.


      We have Suspicious User Detector enabled which will flag any user within the period of time that it set from the point of registration.

      Repetitive Post Detector is enabled and seems to be catching posts that have repeated words or characters

      Spam Link Prevention is enabled which catches posts that contains links if the person has fewer than the designated points.

      Non-English Character Detector is NOT enabled due to a bug that results in a lots of false positives.
      Moderate on Error is enabled. The post goes into the queue if the timeout is reached without a response.


      I just got 3 notifications for the same Status Update. I don't see anything obvious by way of repetitive words or links but the person is posting right after they joined. 


      I'm wondering if anyone else uses the spam prevention tools and is seeing multiple notifications for the same piece of content and can figure out for each notification if the post was flagged for multiple things related to spam or the content was edited and resaved.  The notifications all seem to be sent within a minute so it's unlikely that the content is edited unless it was done so really quickly though I'm not sure a status update can be edited.I think it can only be deleted.