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    Phrase substitution in Cloud - availability and location of it?

    tmaurer Jive SME



      I remember that this was a big stumbling block that we had at UBM in terms of when we were able to move to Cloud. What I remember is that we had decided to just let it go and live with the consequences, but then I think 2016.3 exposed the ability to do limited phrase substitutions, and so that made the move easier on us.


      It's possible that this isn't actually available OOTB, but something that Jive Support does for customers as needed for a conversion to Cloud. But that was over a year ago now, and I no longer work there so don't have access to the system or my notes and don't remember how we managed it. I have a desire to do this now, and am wondering if it is possible.


      Thanks in advance!!


      cc: Liz Stanley, Dina Vekaria-Patel, Kathryn Everest