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    How to update document author using rest api?


      Hi Team,


      I need to change/update the author of the document using rest api call.  I followed the below process to run the rest api.


      Method: PUT

      Rest url: http://localhost:8080/api/core/v3/contents/1120(contentID)

      Body content :


        "authorship": "open",

        "type": "document",

        "visibility": "place",

        "parent": "http://localhost:8080/api/core/v3/places/1011",

      "subject": "test doc-mgroup3",

        "tags": [ ],

        "content": {

          "type": "text/html",

          "text": "test doc-mgroup3",


        "author" : {

        "displayName" : "ABC",




      When I try to update the author,rest api call works fine no error messages, but author is not getting updated in the document.


      By using above details if i try to update document subject or content , it gets updated fine .  Can any one suggest how can i update the document author using rest api?


      cc:Samarth ShekharGopi GorantalaRyan Rutan