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    HTML code JIVE 8 & JVE 9

    Mickaël Dinclaux



      Please let us know if we have any additional restrictions on the V9, regarding HTML code and scripting compared to the V8.

      Because an old CSS code which worked on JIVE 8 seems to not working anymore on JIVE 9

      The code is :

      <style type="text/css">

      /* ----------------------------- i18n ----------------------------- */

      body [lang] {display:none;}


      /* supported languages */

      html[lang="en"] [lang="en"] {display:inline;}

      html[lang="fr"] [lang="fr"] {display:inline;}


      /* all other languages show english */

      html[lang="de"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="es"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="cs"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="da"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="fi"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="hu"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="it"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="ja"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="ko"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="nl"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="no"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="pl"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="pt"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="ru"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="sv"] [lang="en"],

      html[lang="zh"] [lang="en"] {display:inline;}




      <h1 style="font-size:32px; margin-bottom:36px; text-align:center"><span lang="fr">Bonjour (détection de la langue) !</span><span lang="en">Hello (English Style) !</span></h1>





      Original Case : HTML code JIVE 8 & JVE 9


      CC : Stefan Wunsch