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    Can we grant access to all members to view social group reports?

    Crystal Plant

      Is it possible to set up the permissions so that all our registered users can view the group reports tab?

      At this time, only group owners/admins have the ability to view the reports for that community however we've had requests from our users to allow all group members to view; can this be done?

      Please note, we do not want to grant them access to admin panel or any other function, just viewing reports only.

        • Re: Can we grant access to all members to view social group reports?

          Hi Crystal,

          Are you referring to groups (not spaces) specifically? If so, there is not "registered users" setting. It is restricted on a group by group basis. You can elevate a group member from member to administrator so that they can view the group reports. This will not allow them to access to the admin console or any other system access. Their "administrative" access is restricted to tinkering with that particular group's settings.

          If you are referring to viewing the Reports tab in a space, the answer is also yes! You can allow registered users to view the Reports tab with some fancy footwork (sort of).

          • Go to the admin console and navigate to Permissions > Space Permissions
          • Click on Edit default space permissions and then click on the permission level, probably set on View as shown in the screenshot below

          • Click on it again and then select Custom which is the last option in the drop down menu
          • Change the Reports section from View to Advanced and check the box for Read

          • I recommend checking the box of Save as a custom permission level? (the last option at the bottom) even if you don't plan on using that particular permission level again. It's nice to at least label it with a name like "View + Reports" so you know the custom level is view options PLUS advanced options for reports. Otherwise, it will just say "custom" which isn't very helpful.

          To clarify: users will not be able to view the admin console even if you add the Advanced option of reports.


          Hope this helps!