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    Rifts in the space time continuum


      We are experiencing that the Notification timestamp is incorrect when a post is moderated and moved. Here is the detail:


      Activating  Illustrator CS3 ............. 10 hours ago (this was the time stamp)

      Next, when he tried to reply to it, it showed the time stamp of 6 days ago.

      And then at the bottom, it reflected

      Moved by srishtib8795206 to Downloading, Installing, Setting Up • 10 hours ago

      The screen shows the complete journey


      How to translate the language illustrator? | Adobe Community  @

      height of the letters | Adobe Community

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          Hi Rajashree, indeed this rift in the space time continuum is concerning. Are you saying that the original discussion was posted 10 hours previously and then when someone commented on it the time stamp said it was 6 days ago? When was the discussion first created?

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            Hi Sarah,


            It was posted 6 days ago.




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                Hi Rajashree,


                Looking at the examples you provided (I originally thought they were internal examples which I wouldn't be able to view) I have a better understanding of what you mean.


                I have a quick question - do you have moderation in place? One theory I have is that Jacob answered the question while it was in moderation and then passed it through moderation. In that case, the time stamp for the question may be put as the time it was passed through moderation, not created which is why his response looks like it occurred before the question he asked.

                I was about to recommend you submit a case in your support group, but I see that has already happened and you already have someone assisting you