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    Inbox failure


      Hi all,


      I would like to add another aspect of problematic Inbox behavior observed in Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Current Release (2016.3)


      That document identifies a bug about notifications marked as unread are not marked as read until the page is refreshed (merely clicking on the notification does not change it from unread to read). We are experiencing this behavior.


      In addition to the problem above, we're experiencing the following: Unread Inbox notifications are not prompting the Inbox icon to show that there are unread notifications, along with the number of corresponding unread email notifications. (The Inbox icon suggestions I have no unread messages; the unread messages demonstrate there are  indeed unread messages.)






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          Hi Mikhail Lenko - we seem to be experience the same issue (it started about 2 weeks ago for us...). Please share any information you may come across regarding this.... We'll do the same.

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            This behavior will be probably related to CLOUD-6322


            As a quick fix support manipulated below 'system properties'

            1) Step 1 is to set / edit them from their default state to the following:

            stream.polling.enabled = false
            stream.websocket.enabled = true

            2) Step 2 is to set them back to what they are supposed to be (default state)

            stream.polling.enabled = true
            = false

            As on cloud you don't have access to these 'system properties', you should start a private support case to get this resolved

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