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    IPs that make hundreds of thousands of pageviews?


      Does anyone else see particular IPs make a ridiculous amount of pageviews each month? I have a private case on this and have been working on for several months with support.  They identified one IP that made hundreds of thousands of pageviews which inflated our hosting report.  Now that they have banned it (for the second time) and recalculated the numbers they still look incorrect for a couple more months, which makes me think there is another IP doing the same thing.  I've asked them to look deeper, but I wanted to poll the Jive External Communities group to see if anyone else has come across this.  It does not appear to be bot traffic (that is supposed to be excluded anyway) and Google Analytics does not show these huge spikes when compared to the hosting numbers.  I know hosting and GA are not apples to apples, but the trends should match.  Any input is appreciated, even if it's "nope, I've never seen that".