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    placeID not returning all members (social group)


      Hello Jivers,


      I am more of sure this is a core bug. Would like to ask if someone seen this before  !


      My Req: Users who have specific extended profile attributes & belongs to specific Department has to get added as a member of a social group(this includes adding & removing members of  a social-group)


      Issue:  Iterating users with the endpoint "/api/core/v3/members/places/{placeID}", this is not giving me all the members as I get "Conflict 409" error when I try to add a member(as he is already a member of the group, cross verified it by going to the group peoples page)


      Below steps on how I am I hitting this BUG

      1. Get all users who match My req

      2. get all social group members ( I believe the endpoint pulls members & admins)

      3. ("Point 1"  -   "point 2")  =  gives me users who are not yet members of SG(social group)