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    View permission in Ideation


      I've tried to find the answer to this, but none of the documentation I found spells it out. If you create a space for ideas, and grant someone view access vs contribute access, what does that mean?


      What access level do you need to allow you to vote? I can't seem to find an answer, and the admin console doesn't take ideas into consideration when explaining. Does anyone know the answer? OR can anyone point me to the correct document?



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          Permission wise you can look at an idea in the same way as a poll.

          • View permission will only allow you to view an idea
          • As of Contribute permission level you'll be able to vote on an idea


          Haven't found any documentation on this either ...

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              Sarah O'Meara

              Thank you for your helpful answer as always, gvddlmariani, Günter is correct in that the idea permission levels are similar to polls. In this documentation: Standard Space Permission Levels. The documentation points you to the admin console where you can see a better description of the permission levels, including ideas.


              In the admin console, navigate to Permissions > Space Permission Levels and click on the Standard Levels tab. Click on whichever permission level you would like to look at and then you will see a comprehensive list:


              Hope this helps!