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    Office documents not converting

    Andrew Gilleran

      I had raised this issue before with Jive about a month ago (and again today) but it seemed to fix itself after a period of time. It's happening for all our users. I have tested with both Word and PowerPoint. This is only for Office docs that are published using the Jive Office plug in. If an older document has been published it renders and appears correctly. The issue is with documents published in the past 24 hours or so. So I assume it is the converting engine that is not working.


      It does affect the user experience as people think they have made an error or there is a problem with their document so I have to support that.


      Has anyone else come across this issue? And is there a solution?


      UPDATE: 20 Oct 2017 @ 14.30 GMT

      The conversion process is working again. But I would still like to know why this happens on an occasional basis and what can be done to fix it. Thanks.