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    Unable to create new spaces in the Admin Console, and other full admin-type errors


      HI All,


      Just posted a case in our Supportal, but wanted to bring it to everyone's attention in case you are seeing weirdness and think it is just you. I'll save you a few gray hairs I hope.


      Issues I'm aware of:

      • Can't create a new space in the Admin Console - get an Unauthorized error, even as a full access admin
        • Can create from the front end, and then move to where you want in the admin console
      • Can't add user overrides in the Admin Console
      • Can't edit or publish changes to your overview page


      Support has told us they have received reports of this from several customers and are actively investigating. So if you also have the problem, don't dig too deeply but go ahead and also report so they see the breadth of the situation.