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    Error: Checkbox selections disappear when moving between pages in Bulk Manage Content


      Ty Raia - Will Jive fix this?


      Steps to reproduce:
      1.  Open a group that has more than one page of Content.
      2.  Select Manage > Bulk Manage Content.
      3.  Select Three items using individual checkboxes.
      Result: Three items are highlighted

      4.  Select page 2.
      5.  Select Two items using individual checkboxes.
      Result: Two items are highlighted on the page.  Items selected:5 is displayed

      6.  Select page 1.
      Result: Checkboxes for the three items are no longer displayed.  The three items remain
      highlighted.  Items selected:5 is still displayed.

      The operation can be successfully executed against all five items (highlighted items) but the lack of selected checkboxes may cause confusion.


      I have attached screen captures that display the error and a HAR file from the Chrome browser.