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    Moderation queue user registrations showing up in google and homepage activity?

    Julie Cardinali Brancik

      Registration for our external public community requires an admin's approval.  I have users in a moderation queue and their names are showing up under Profile Updates on the homepage and I can google our community and the users in my moderation queue are showing up in a google search because it's indexing our homepage.  Anyone else seeing this behavior?  I'm on cloud.


      How I tested:

      1. User enters email address for validation.  User confirms email address.  User is taken to registration page.
      2. User fills in and submits registration form.
      3. User's registration information is now waiting in moderation queue for admin's approval.
      4. I refreshed the homepage and the non-confirmed registered user's name now shows up under Profile Updates.  Additionally google indexes our homepage and now that user's name is associated with our community homepage... remember all this before the user is approved. 
      5. Admin now declines registration.
      6. Refreshing the homepage now shows the denied user's username instead of their full name (first and last name).  Hovering over the user name shows the popup with "Deactivated" 
      7. Checking google with the unapproved registered user's name (that's sitting in my registration queue) will show up indexed with our community's link. (See screenshot below).


      I only figured this out now, because as part of my approval process, I'll google the user's full name before deciding whether to approve them in the community.  This morning I googled a user that was still in my queue and it came up under google search associated with our community.  I'll include a screenshot below.


      Before anyone asks, I'm not logged in at all. this is what the public is seeing.  The names shown, Harley and Yari, were declined users (in the first screenshot).  We've had plenty of inappropriate user names come through as we continually get spammers trying to register.  I would hope this is unexpected behavior and I'm trying to figure out how long this has been going on.  In the second screenshot, the first user is sitting in moderation queue.  The second user, wklink, was declined, as it now shows just his username.


      So the questions I have are:

      1. Has anyone else noticed this?
      2. Is this a reported bug already?
      3. How long has this been going on?


      Since support has been taking longer than usual to respond to cases, I thought I'd throw this out to the community first. 



      cc: Jive External Communities