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    Referencing information from one document to another


      I have created some jive documents. I want to show the information of all those documents in another document by referencing them. This so that if I modify one document, the changes are also reflected in other document where information from other documents is also present and there is no need to update two documents.


      I have 4 Jive pages TMO Ultra-M Lab/FOA , TMO Ultra-M Pre-production, MCBU Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and Key Contacts. Content of all these pages is combined manually and again presented in Teams. Now if we modify the content in any one of the 4 pages, Teams also needs to be updated.


      If we could have the content for the 4 pages presented in Teams by referencing them (or by displaying their content in Teams), then the need of modifying Teams would not be there, if any of these pages were updated. Is there a way to reference and get the content of these 4 pages displayed in Teams?