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    Should a Public Restricted Group allow the creation of an Idea for non-members?

      Recently I have created a public restricted group with all content types enabled.

      I've always been told that this would allow the creation of discussions and questions for non-members.


      The description of Restricted mentions exactly the same:


      Membership is required to create documents, upload files, and post to the group blog. Membership is by invitation only.
      (Non-members can still initiate discussions and ask questions.)


      However it seems that it also allows the creation of an idea for non-members ...


      Couldn't find any useful information around this, so I'm wondering if this can be defined as expected behavior?


      Disabling the content type idea could could be a workaround if you don't want to allow non-members to create this kind of content.

      But in that way you'll limit it to members as well ...