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    Phrase Substitution failing in JS menu popups?


      Note:  question refers to Jive hosted.  ALSO - I am using this in a child theme that is limited to one particular space.


      I am using phrase substitution for some UI items, but have run into consistency issues.  Specifically I want to change the text of the "Report Abuse" link in a discussion.   I can target the link in the "regular" UI using KEY/equals - the substitution works fine.  However, when I invoked the "actions" menu from a discussion reply -  which I believe is a javascript popup - the phrase "Report Abuse" is still there.


      Next I tried using VALUE/equals with "Report Abuse", but with the same results.   I then tried VALUE / REG_EX, but also had the same issue.  I then tried VALUE / REG_EX on a different element in the same part of the UI, and exactly like the other substitution, it displayed in the "regular" UI but not in the actions menu popup.


      Is there a fix for this or am I missing something??




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          Further testing provides a bit more info - if I change the phrase substitutions for a theme mapped to a space, then the outcomes.actionMenu.item.reportAbuse key does not replace the default text.


          However, if I change the phrase substitution for the outcomes.actionMenu.item.reportAbuse key in my GLOBAL theme, then it works.  Unfortunately, it then changes it globally rather than just for the space I want the change to appear in.


          Note that this is NOT an issue for the sidebar action menu, only for the action menu that loads when clicked (for example in a discussion comment)