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    Uploading content to CMS type location


      Is there a way to upload HTML files, documents and graphics, and store them in a location that is not published, but can be linked to?  I want the customer to be able to click a link that calls up an HTML version of our documentation - this requires a place to store the HTML, CSS, JS files and graphics. This location must provide the required permissions/restrictions and the location must not be published or accessible via customer. navigation.

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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Richard, you mention a customer in your question... I assume you are referring to an external community. As such, I'm going to move your question over to Jive External Communities forum.

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            The HTML, CSS, images, and script are needed to properly display the documentation? Like a web app?

            You want it to be a link somewhere, but you don't want them to be able to find it via search or navigation through the site?


            Theoretically, you could build it as a custom Tile (or widget) and stick in some obscure and terribly named place in the Community (Group or Space, depending on how you want to manage permissions).


            Someone might still stumble upon it though. And what is going to stop one user from posting or giving the "secret" link to some other user down the road?

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                Hi David,


                Thanks for your response.


                If I did upload/build the content as a custom Tile or Widget, and place it in an obscure location that prevented access via direct navigation, wouldn't permissions associated with the user's login credentials prevent a non-credentialed user from accessing the linked content?


                We would like to serve up our technical documentation in Responsive HTML format.  The necessary source information for each Responsive HTML document is produced into its own unique folder and multiple sub folders, containing over 100 to many hundred files (css, js, jpg etc.).  This is far too many to upload one at a time.  We need the ability to upload the whole folder in one effort.  We are looking into solutions from Box.com and Dropbox Business. Do you have any advice in this regard?



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                    Yes. If you went with a custom tile, you could control access to the Space or Group...


                    Additionally when you upload it you would want to do it as a "Preview" to prevent other Group admins or site admins from putting the tile in a place where you didn't want it. I hope that makes sense.


                    I've really only worked with tiles, but I tend to think of them as very basic, mini websites. Where you can control the html files, images and scripts. As long as someone can stitch it together correctly documentation shouldn’t be to bad.


                    For example, here is the directory structure from a :countdown timer" tile I created.. I'm only showing the part the actually would be shown to a user, there are a number of additional folders and directories for the tile to work.











                    The "view.html" could have been named "index.html", but it serves as the first page shown to the user when the tile is displayed.


                    The "configuration.html" allows you to store some variables when you place the time on the a page that can be used by the tile when it is loaded. In this case it would be used to store the date and time you were counting down to.