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    Does anyone else have issues collaborating on Office files using the Jive Office connector?


      Hi all,

      Recently our instance is experiencing problems when trying to collaborate on MS Office documents, and I was curious if anyone else had similar issues?


      Our company uses IE11 on Windows 7 OS, and if an MS Office file is attached to a Document or Discussion content, then only the original author and system administrators can open the file, edit it and re-publish it back to the same location (regardless of whether the content is published in a public group, or a private document between a small number of users). If a colleague tries to open the file, Excel presents a warning message and asks the user to 'Enable editing'. Clicking the enable editing option allows the user to edit the file, but they cannot then re-publish back to the same location on Jive without deleting the original attachment, and uploading the new version (which of course means we lost version control capabilities). I've tried changing the save location for Temporary Internet Files, but this makes no difference.


      Until recently, we had implemented a workaround where files to be collaborated on were uploaded as File content (for some reason, this seemed to work). However today I have been contacted by a user who cannot edit an Excel file, despite the spreadsheet being attached to a File content.


      I'm unsure whether this is a Jive issue, an Internet Explorer issue, or both; I've raised a case with Jive Support but as they cannot reproduce the problem, the case is going nowhere fast. Has anyone else experienced this issue and, if so, do you have any suggested workarounds? Any help is greatly appreciated - it's very frustrating for our users having a collaboration platform where colleagues cannot collaborate!