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    Filter out other languages in Search Widget

    Jeff Shurtliff

      We have been rolling out localized content (French, German, Japanese and Spanish) for some of our product documentation, and ended up creating subspaces for the localized content to keep it separate from the English product documentation.


      Our space hierarchy looks like this:

      • Product Community
        • English Documentation
          • French Documentation
          • German Documentation
          • Japanese Documentation
          • Spanish Documentation


      However, now we're finding that when using the Search Widget on the Overview Page of the high-level Product Community space the results are being clouded by non-English content, resulting in users complaining that the search widget has been somewhat useless.



      We have set the locale of the non-English spaces to be their respective languages but it looks like we're still seeing multilingual content in the search.  We also enabled multi-language search (which seems to only affect the full-page spotlight search) but haven't performed an index rebuild yet.  So maybe that'll do the trick.




      Has anyone ever had to deal with anything like this?  How did you get around it?  I'm not opposed to replacing the search widget with an HTML widget with something customized if needs be, as long as I know how I should query for the data to exclude the non-English content.  (Disclaimer: It's not feasible for us to move to tiles right now.)