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    Can I bulk approve document revisions?


      Environment: Jive 8.0.x - UAT ( On-Premise )


      We recently went through a rebranding of our company name, and as such a couple ambitious individuals went and manually revised several hundred articles, changing the old company name to the new.

      These articles all reside within spaces that have designated approvers on them, so the changes are pending approval.

      Is it possible to bulk approve/reject these changes?

      Is there another solution to this issue, short of manually going to every single article to approve?

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          Looks like removing an approver from a space will push through most articles that are pending approval.

          It does appear that some articles have the approver set directly on them under Advanced Options | Require Approval before publication and any that show an approver there specifically don't appear to approve though.

          This will help get through the majority of the modifications.

          I had hoped for some method that could bulk approve based on editor/author etc, but in lieu of that, this will be ok.