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    Creating TemboSocial Ideas Tile Does not Work

    Melvin Berena Beginner

      We've determined a Jive API (osapi.jive.corev3.search.byExtProp({key:"tembosocialideasenable","value":true}).execute(function(result) {})) has stopped functioning properly.


      The TemboSocial ideas tile now loads as bypass this API - but you cannot "publish existing ideas" in a tile or "publish a tile list" until the Jive API issue is resolved.  The only functionality you can still use with the Tile is "Start a new Discussion" as it does not rely on the APIs data.



      Long Summary


      Their extprops to get the communities with ideas enabled is suddenly always returning unauthorized.


      The Jive API call in question is:


      • osapi.jive.corev3.search.byExtProp({key:"tembosocialideasenable","value":true}).execute(function(result) {})


      Stephanie was on the original installation call and this API call was working for her then while testing.  Nothing has changed on our end regarding this code since then.


      Stephanie - RBC will have to get their Jive support team to investigate why this user (or all users?) have suddenly lost access to this API.  Are you able to include us on the ticket you file?




      Their Jive internal API for filtering is no longer working:




      We have worked around the issue so that the tile now loads.



      Any tile functionality that relies on "knowing what spaces/place/groups" have ideas enabled will not work until Jive has fixed this issue.



      cc: Crystal Plant TemboSocial

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