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    Announced to your community about the Lithium purchase?


      Curious if anyone in the External Community has made any sort of announcement either internally or within their community about the Jive-x sale to Lithium?


      If you have and you don't mind sharing details, would appreciate it. If you haven't, do you plan to?


      Other than a few people internally, I haven't to our external community members. I have kept it pretty quiet internally, generally noting it only on as a need to know basis, i.e., internal contract renewal discussions, explaining why support response is taking so long, etc.I'm still thinking about how/if/when to inform our community at large.



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          We have not announced to our external users yet and are not planning to until we know and understand all the details.  It is way too early in the ball game right now in my opinion and would just cause uneasiness, especially if that prompts questions we can't answer yet because we are still waiting on roadmap decisions and getting more familiar with the platform.  Internally, the cat is out of the bag but only to those that had a keen eye on this and were interested.  My response to them is that we don't know all the ramifications yet, but nothing is derailing from our current goals.  The only thing that is changing is the data is going to eventually be migrated.  A good analogy may be -  we have content in a Word document today and will move it to a Google Doc tomorrow.  None of the messaging, purpose, procedures, goals, or anything else is changing. It may look a tad different and you may need to learn a new user interface, but it shouldn't be a big jump.

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