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    CM Reports for Spaces & sub-spaces


      I have run some CM reports for Content. One report based on top level Space and included it's sub-spaces.


      However, when I run each of the sub-spaces on their own, the counts don't equal up (ie: my 3 sub-spaces each show 1 document created, so that's a total of 3 docs. But, the top level Space w/sub-spaces report shows 18 docs)!


      It was my original understanding that you could run a top-level Space report and include the sub-spaces. But, you *cannot* run any lower-level sub-spaces reports on their own.


      What I need to know is, can separate reports be run at those deeper levels? Or, do the results still include other spaces/areas? Or how are the CM Reports counting up?


      Requesting assistance as soon as possible to understand this.