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    How to add new URL Schemes to Jive?

    Frank Nestel

      Our users ask us to allow for more clickable URLs within Jive.


      For example, some users want to type integrity://XYZ and this shall be 1. accepted as URL entry and 2. be rendered a clickable link.

      Once I know how this works, I might come up with a lower two digit number of such schemes feasible within our company.


      We found the following two system properties:

      • globalRenderManager.UrlFilter.schemes
      • globalRenderManager.HTMLFilter.allowedSchemesString

      which both look like comma separated lists of schemes (http://, https://, ftp:// etc.)

      1. Adding some of our custom URL schemes at Schaeffler does not to seem to achieve anything.
      2. Searching here in the community for documentation on the above properties or the task itself did not surface anything useful.



      • Are these system properties the way to proceed, or how elsewhere?
      • What to activate these system properties? Do they require a restart of something? (In the latter case we would first use UAT to set it up).


      Thank you!