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    Configure search widget to search partner site/space

    dpetrucci@wiley.com Novice

      I am partnering with another company that is also using Jive for their community and knowledge base.  is there a way for my site to search their space and return document/article results?

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          Robert Hanson Advanced

          Currently the only option for this is to use the OpenSearch connector.


          Every Jive site has a URL that provides information on their OpenSearch endpoints, which is /opensearch.xml.

          e.g. https://community.jivesoftware.com/opensearch.xml


          The XML file served up at that URL is compliant with the OpenSearch spec and provides the information needed by an OpenSearch client app.  ...But none of that really matters, you just need to make a note of the URL.


          To install this search into Jive...

          1. In the Admin Console, then (Advanced Settings) System > Settings > OpenSearch Engines
          2. Put the URL to the /opensearch.xml file of the target Jive instance into the "Descriptor URL" text box, then click "Add Engine From Descriptor URL".
          3. Click the "test" button to make sure it works.  If not, you will need to edit it manually (see below).
          4. done.

          What this does is add a new "tab" to your search results page.  For example, if you search for "using opensearch" in the Spotlight Search and then press ENTER you will be taken to the Jive search results page.  On the left side you will now see a link for the foreign search engine and a count of results found.  When you click this "tab", it will shows those results in your Jive instance.

          If you need to do this manually, for example to set the password, you would need to edit the OpenSearch endpoint in the Admin Console and set that up.  Note that all of your Jive users will see the same results, i.e. everyone will have the same permissions to see results for the foreign content.  These permissions are based on the username and password you provided when you manually edited the settings for that OpenSearch item (or anonymous permissions if you didn't provide any).


          I suggest starting with the JiveWorks endpoint.  Just drop it into the admin, add it, try it out, and then edit the settings to see what they look like.

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            Robert Hanson Advanced

            Some additional thoughts...


            1. It is possible to develop a search tile for this as well, and it could potentially even search the foreign site using user-specific permissions.  But there is a bit of effort associated with this (or cost if you need to have a consultant develop this).


            2. There was a promise that "Enterprise Search" may be coming to Jive in the next year or so.  That could potentially add additional possibilities.


            3. If you are running Jive Hosted (not Cloud), it is possible to change all aspects of how Jive works.  In the past I have heard of customized Jive instances that incorporated search results from multiple sites.  I believe there was a demo of a community with this sort of feature during the JiveWorld 2013 keynote.  Again, note that this would be a custom developed solution and requires in-house expertise or hiring a consultant.

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              dpetrucci@wiley.com Novice

              Thank you very much for this detailed response Robert.  You have really gone above and beyond.  I will discuss this with our development team.  Your assistance has gotten this moving in the right direction over here.  Cheers!