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    how can i get jive.rpm ?


      I want to  set up a small instance of Jive for evaluation and testing purposes , how can i get jive.rpm? thanks for you answer.

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          Robert Hanson

          I don't believe that you can download the rpm without a signed contract.  If you go to https://www.jivesoftware.com/ there is a link for "Try Jive Today".  That will allow you to sign up for a 30-day trial of Jive-n Cloud, which is hosted by Jive.  If cloud isn't the deployment model you are interested in, your best bet would likely be to contact Jive Sales directly at SALES@JIVESOFTWARE.COM.


          By the way, if you aren't familiar with Jive, there are two flavors, and three deployment models.



          • Jive-n is geared for for Intranets.
          • Jive-x is geared towards external communities for your customers.  fyi - The Jive-x product was sold to Lithium a couple of months ago, but I believe that it can still be purchased through Jive Software.


          Deployment models:

          • On-prem - this is when you install Jive in your own infrastructure.  Highly customizable is you have the technical talent.  The down-side is that the more you customize, the harder it is to upgrade later on.
          • Hosted - this is hosted by Jive, but is the same as you would get with on-prem.  Again, it is highly customizable.
          • Cloud - this is hosted by Jive, and certain features that could cause problems during upgrades have been hidden.  You can still customize most of what you want, but deeper customization isn't possible.  The big selling point for this one is that upgrades are automatic, requiring no effort.


          Lastly, hosted and on-prem are typically at least a full version behind cloud.  E.g. right now cloud is on 2016.3 (equivalent to Jive 10), and hosted/on-prem clients are running Jive 9 (not counting the ones that haven't upgraded).


          The majority of Jive clients use the cloud product because it is the latest version, and I believe it may be a little cheaper too.  But there are some clients (like Wiley and even Jive themselves) that do require deep customizations where hosted or on-prem make sense.

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