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    Super list filter syntax


      Hi all


      Does anyone have the details or documentation for the syntax used to create super list filters, I'm struggling to get multiple permutations of filters to work using the 'use this view in a tile' on our instance (Jive 9 on prem).


      For example, i'm looking to list all the blost posts that match a search term with a specific tag from a specific group, sorted by those created newest first. When I try and put all that into a tile view I can only choose the content type or the tag query, not both.


      Thanks in advance


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          Not Sure if this can work when the content view does not allow It. I guess you have to look into the source code...

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            Bryce Gilhooly

            Hey Dan,


            Not sure if this helps, but I've tried building a number of different queries with the hopes of being able to use an "OR" operator for tags but was unsuccessful. We were trying to achieve something similar to how the 'watch a tag' widget works, but with a superlist tile. We cut a case to have Jive look (440085) and it boiled down to an 'idea' needing to be submitted as the /content page only uses multiple tags as an AND (vs. OR) operator, regardless of manually tweaking the syntax.