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    Showing comments on overview page


      Hi all,


      I basically want to set the overview page of a subspace to show a blogpost (or document), complete with replies, so users can see the content, the entire ongoing discussion for the most recent thread, and jump right in to comment. This is proving surprisingly difficult unless I'm missing something. I can use the "View Document" widget to display a document. But displaying the full comment thread, and letting people reply, is trickier.


      By default, the "recent activity" widget only seems to display the most recent comment on a single piece of content, not all the comments on that content. This can be expanded, but it looks clumsy (the document or blog post title and its first line get repeated), and I'd like everything to display at once.


      I can use a redirect to send people from the overview page to the document/blogpost itself, but then I lose the banner, people, follow button, etc. I literally just want to embed a document with its comments on the front page of the subspace, without making users click through. Is that possible?