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    Jive daily Setup


      Hi All,


      New to Jive! So the question might be stupid, but this is wrecking my head!

      W are using the Jive platform for our intranet. So far so good.

      But, we want to make the solution available to our mobile users (of course).

      Jive app is working fine, so as our Jive access via the Internet browser on phones (via VPN).

      Now, the Jive Daily app is not working! As far as I can tell, everything is setup, and we match all recommendations (jive9 etc etc). We are on Jive on-premise.

      All I get from IOS devices, is a OOps, failed to validate URL, and on Androids devices: Jive Daily is not setup, contact your admin.


      I am new to it, and followed every documents relating to Jive Daily, but I cannot fault our setup. Would one of you guys have any pointers? Or maybe had the same issue, and how you fixed it?


      Many thanks,



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          Libby Taylor

          I suspect but am not sure that it has to do with your security for your community. I suggest you submit a case and they can help you navigate through the right settings, if that's the issue.

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            have you used Jive Daily or Jive Daily Hosted from the appstore?

            Please also check the logs on your server side! Maybe there is an issue with SSL setup- we had that and Jive Daily reported that it does not work after entering our jive url.


            Can you share a screenshot, please?



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                Hi Jens,


                Hmmm... I suspect the same. One of the Jive connector is not working (wrong cert) in our prod environment.

                However, this is not an issue in our test environment, but Jive Daily is not working there either

                I use Jive Daily from both official app stores, and both are not working (see screenshot of the error).

                Jive Daily error message - IOS devices

                I really don't know what to look for at this stage! I'll have the guys to go through the server logs, see if something pop up.


                Many thanks again for the help, much appreciated,