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    How many slides does a Carousel Tile hold?


      Hello! We have a user that is adding about ten slides to the Carousel Tile, but the "Done" button at the bottom of the tile is disappearing as the tile gets longer (scrolling is not an option). When I built my own Carousel Tile to test this, I noticed that it says, "Choose 1-5 slides" at the top of the tile. Does anyone know if the bug is that the tile is allowing you to add more than five slides or is the bug that the "Done" button is disappearing, preventing the tile from being saved?


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          Helen Chen

          It actually will allow you to continue to keep adding slides as long as you don't exit configuration. If you exit then come back in, you can edit and update an existing slide, the "add a new slide” prompt reappears.


          If the done button gets pushed off the bottom of the tile configuration, hit tab to manually move through fields.  The done box reappears eventually.

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