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    Anyone else unable to access the Jive sandbox environment?

    ebowden Novice

      Starting today, I find that I cannot login to the Jive developer sandbox at sandbox.jiveon.com. 


      One of my colleagues is having the same issue starting today, and another had this issue starting yesterday.


      When I try to login, the login form reports "Invalid username or password.  Please try again."


      Since I'm using my developer login now, to post this message,  I'm sure that I'm using the correct user name/password.  Also, I tried to request sandbox access again, from the developer home page at Jive Developers .  The reply returned immediately that access had been granted, but I still cannot login.


      If anyone else is having this issue, were you able to resolve it?  Is there a better place (forum, email contact, etc..) for me to message about this issue?