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    How Are Registered Users Calculated on the License Metering Tab in my Company Supportal Group?

      I just noticed the License Metering tab in my Jive Support group today -- has it always been there? Anyway, it has two charts in it and the Registered Users chart displays a number for each month, going back 12 months (because who cares about anything over a year ago, of course). I assume Jive/Aurea is planning to rely on this chart to measure whether we are within or exceeding our licensed number of seats.


      I know there are problems with CMR, and I can't match (not even close) the numbers in this Registered Users chart with what I see in CMR. It appears from the range the numbers fall in that it has been configured to exclude External Contributors, so that would be my first question to verify. But I want to be able to see in advance how my seats are tracking, since IT tends to automatically create accounts that aren't associated with real people and I have to go in and cull those. Where can I see the same numbers of Registered Users that this License Metering tab displays?


      Plus, is it displaying the number of users on the last day of the month, or some other calculation? Our contract specifies that the count for the month is determined by the number of users on the last day of the month.