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    Delivering latest news to community members

    vromanovskis Novice



      I am sorry if this question has been already addressed somewhere or documented.

      We are currently on Jive SBS 2016.3.8.1


      I am struggling to make our community members to receive latest content. By latest content I mean - all the new discussions posted by our stuff in spaces.


      Currently what we have tried:

      1. Separately subscribe users to streams. This doesn't work as expected. End users receive most trending content and not the summaries sorted by post dates.

      2. We have tried to use share option after new content creation. This is not so user friendly as expected. Moderators have to separately select end users. No option how to notify whole community by the email was found.


      Please advise on the following:

      1. If there are any options how authors can notify end users on new content (email notifications when new content posted, daily updates on new content ( not trending ones! ))

      2. Are there any options how to filter content based on post creation date and not latest updates in the post? Using filter "news?channel=recent" sort out content by latest updates, not the post dates.


      We are really struggling that we can't deliver news to our community members in proper way.


      Many thanks for your replies!

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          Claire Fletcher, do you have any recommendations for getting the latest updates? I feel like this is something quite a few customers have questions about.

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              Claire Fletcher Jive SME

              This is exactly what the News feature is designed for. Normally we recommend setting up News streams that feature blog posts, but if you really do want to surface all content that's posted in a place, you can create a news stream that will show all new content that's posted there. The issue here is that this could be overwhelming for users, so it may be better to create a blog post that rounds up new content and post it weekly, rather than having lots of new items daily - it depends on your use case and posting cadence.


              For more on how to set up News, I recommend the webinar recording here: Jive Best Practices Series: News - Webinar Recording

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              vromanovskis Novice

              Many thanks for your answers.


              After watching webinar I got better understanding about news and streams and got focus on blogs instead of spaces.

              Streams with combination with space related blog posts and profiling to specific user groups resolves my issue completely.


              May I ask you a little offtopic question?

              I want to enable Blogs page in space's menu that end users easier reach our content, but I am really struggling to find this option.

              All I have found that I can create custom page (name "Blogs" is already reserved) to feed latest blog posts.



              Could you please guide me how to enable Blogs in space menu bar ? Is it possible ?

              Many thanks for you in advance.

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                  Claire Fletcher Jive SME

                  Hi Vladimirs, I'm really glad that the News feature solves your issue, that's great to hear!


                  I don't think you can add a page for blogs into the Space navigation bar - I would have suggested a custom page called Blogs but it sounds like that's not possible. I think your best option is to add a Blogs tile to your landing page, where you can either use the Latest Blog Posts tile or a Super List tile that filters on blog posts. I hope that helps!