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    T-Mobile unable to edit homepage

    Eric Sita

      Hello all, I am working with Verizon on their production this issue does not happen on their UAT.  *Just FYI you need to be on full tunnel VPN* the console/site is white listed.


      CaseCannot edit the homepage

      Loading any content page results in:


      content:280 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Main' of undefined

          at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (content:280)

          at i (1f1959bea167209673cd4b8411a830e9.js:31)

          at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (1f1959bea167209673cd4b8411a830e9.js:31)

          at Function.ready (1f1959bea167209673cd4b8411a830e9.js:31)

          at HTMLDocument.bZ (1f1959bea167209673cd4b8411a830e9.js:31)

      Expanding out the 280 error in console and I have attached this code here.  This is happening on all conent pages.

      Some attempted items.

      1. Resetting the homepage. This added the Space (Topic) Tree widget.

      2. Removing the theme.

      3. Removing the Space (Topic) Tree widget from the list of available widgets. This allowed me access to edit the homepage again.

      4. Adding the Space (Topic) Tree widget back in. This said successfully added (when using "Space Tree", not when using "Topic Tree"), but the widget is not in the list.

      5. Rolling restart of the site.

      6. Full restart of the site.

      7. Clear Caches in the admin panel.

      8. Re-Synchronize the Index in the admin panel (System > Settings > Browse)


      What could be causing this if we are without theme?


      Original Comment from a user mentioned some difference in Java Script between the PROD and UAT


      I was looking at the difference between UAT and Production, and I noticed a chunk of new JS only in prod. Here is the first bit on line 627:


      $j(document).ready(function() {var filterApp = new (jive.oo.compose( jive.Filters.HierarchicalContent ))({itemSource: new jive.Browse.Container.ItemSource({initialState: {propNames: []}}), userPrefSource: new jive.Browse.User.ItemSource(), locationState: new jive.TransitoryLocationState(), guest: false, targetUserID: '25941', browseViewID: 'places', archetypeID: 'places', filterGroup: {"name":"places","filters":[{"id":"following","description":"k1419","filterLabel":null,"descriptionArgs":null,"simpleName":"FollowingFilter","exclusive":true,"searchable":true,"sorts":[{"label":"k14fe","key":"following~creationDateDesc","order":0},{"label":"k14fd","key":"following~creationDateAsc","order":1}...


      I am thinking that the console errors relate to this. Especially:



      Any thoughts on cause or next steps?