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    Bulk award badges in advanced gamification - Bunchball

    kswallow Expert



      Does anyone know if it's possible to award badges in bulk using Bunchball advanced gamification? Whether using the admin or through a Jive database method?




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          Nathan Howard Novice

          Hey Kevin,


          Yes, it is possible, but probably not in the way you were thinking it was. Outside of awarding challenges on a per-user basis in the UI or through our API's, you can also use our Data Import Utility to record bulk actions. The 'Credit or Debit Points' option is quick and convenient, but will only allow you to modify their points, not award challenges. While the 'Log Actions' method is really the best way to accomplish your request.


          However, it requires more work because you can't simply specify the challenges you want to award, you have to record all the relevant actions for each user that are required to trigger that challenge. So if your challenge requires several actions, custom metadata, or has various requirements like a certain segment, level, or previously awarded challenge, all of those are things you'll have to take into consideration while trying to get these challenges awarded.


          Hopefully, the challenge you had in mind is relatively simple to award, in which case this should be a relatively easy task for you via the Log Actions method under the Data Import Utility. Otherwise, it may require some planning to ensure the actions you're logging are going to fulfill the challenge's requirements. If you have any follow-up questions about this, please let me know.



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