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    JDES exported analytics data: logged Date and Time is in incorrect time zone.




      When downloading analytics data through JDES API, I noticed that the exported date and time under the following columns are not the correct time zone that is set in my client's Jive instance Locale settings.  Note that my client's Jive instance is set to Singapore time zone.  Kindly note that when selecting Activities Data Range, I had to select the End Date, 1 day earlier so that I can download the analytics data including today's date.  Is this because of the time zone discrepancy also?


      • ActivityTime.Hour
      • ActivityTime.Date


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          I  may have found the answer to my question from this article, How To: Use the Data Export Service API Explorer.  Thanks to Jane Scott


          Note that you can't expect the data you retrieve from the DES to match up with the Community Manager Reports or other analytics platforms (like Google Analytics or SiteCatalyst) because the methods and time spans for the data collection are different. As just one factor, the DES uses Greenwich Mean Time for its timezone (non-editable), and the CMRs use whatever timezone your community uses (or a rolling span). When you use data from the DES, make sure you only trend it against data from the DES so you can appropriately compare apples to apples.


          Is this reason also why the date and day is incorrect as displayed in the Activities date range?  In my time zone (Pacific Time), today is Monday. But if I convert to GMT, today is supposed to be Monday also.  Does the date picker in the API has bug? Or am I not understanding it right?


          Another question, what is retention period for activity logs in JDES? Ryan Rutan maybe you can help out here.  Thanks.