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    Anyone familiar with how to set-up Jive 9 add-ons?

    Libby Taylor

      I love that when I think of how to get answers fast, I turn to my own community for help!


      In Jive 9, the Apps Market has been replaced with a link to Add Ons. According to this doc Apps market EOL in Jive 9 | Jive 9.0.0 Hosted/On-Premise Release, an admin should be able to make selected Add-Ons visible to community member "user groups" (what I like to think of as permission groups).


      I've followed the steps that have been provided and it's not working. Before I submit a case, can anyone tell me if I'm missing a step?

      • As admin, select Personal menu > Add-Ons
      • Select the Add-on to make visible by clicking on the settings cog and select Settings
      • Click on the Apps Security cog
      • Find a user group to add, select it
      • User group should appear under "User groups who can see this app"
      • Save changes
      • Close windows
      • Login as a test user, to see if the Add-on can be viewable by community members (Personal menu > Add-Ons)


      As a test, see if you can see My Jive Licenses under your Personal menu > Add-Ons. It's currently set to all registered users.


      Any idea what I missed?