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    Editing MS Office Documents on Mobile


      Investigating MS Teams, and with the Teams mobile app, as long as I have the mobile app for Word (or Excel, or Powerpoint) on my phone, I can edit files posted to teams on my phone.


      Unless I'm missing something, there's no way to do this in conjunction with Jive for Office.

      • Does Jive have plans to address this?
      • When in the MS Office apps, I see a place to integrate with other apps - is Jive a possibility there?


      The reason I see this as significant is that Jive for Office actually has significant advantages over co-creation directly in Office apps:

      • I can see who made which changes in a file, and when
      • I can revert to an older version of a document if it gets messed up
      • I can see what version of a file we are actually on


      But I'm sure we'll start having people ask if Jive for Office is portable - can I use it on my phone as well as my desktop/laptop. Hoping Jive has an answer in the works.


      (Libby Taylor - I've posted this question in Internal Communities because as of the switch to AureaWorks, it seems like questions are no longer allowed in Jive for Microsoft. I don't know where to ask questions intended for the product team, so decided to post here)


      see also Microsoft Teams vs Jive | Analysis and Guidance | Dec 2017