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    HTML widgets broken in

    hervenln Novice

      Hi Jive experts,


      Since we upgraded our Jive UAT instance to, HTML widgets in overview pages are no longer showing.


      A simple <h1>Hello</h1> works fine. Adding a <style> tag works too.

      But adding a <script> tag breaks the widget and no error shows in the browser console.


      For example, my test HTML widget contains:

      <div style='height:200px;'>



      <style>h1 {color:green;}</style>

      <script>alert("custom javascript is working");</script>


      The resulting HTML widget is as such:

      Resulting HTML widget code with empty iframe

      As you can see, the iframe is empty and does not even render the <h1> tag.

      Does anybody know what is happening? Is there a new option to allow script tags in HTML widget? It used to work fine prior to upgrading to


      Thanks for your help!