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    Did you know that the Discuss system permission doesn't allow users to see content Shares?


      I know that many communities don't limit space permissions. BUT, if you do, this is an important note.


      The Discuss system permission includes a permission setting that does NOT allow people assigned the permission to see Content shared with the space. And as an admin, you'd never actually notice this - only users with the permission would.


      We reported this as a bug about 6 months ago, not realizing this was the setting for this permission, and it has taken this long for a support rep (even after escalation) to figure out what the issue was.


      I've now created a new custom permission of Discuss+ in our community that has the Content Shares set to Read:Yes and Create:Yes, and applied this instead.


      I wanted to make sure that anyone else who is using this system default permission was aware of the ramifications of using this permission level.