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    Does anyone use Jive for Outlook?


      I need to know if you can schedule reoccuring meetings with the connection piece?  Our Client Success Department schedules a ton of meetings, and a lot of them are reoccurring.  How do we schedule events that would be reoccurring week after week so that they can use these two tools together more effectively?

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          I just happened in here. I don't use the CX platform, but am a long time Jive user. Some of the frustrations of the Jive for Outlook integration and the Jive Event/Calendar module are related to exactly these things. The two pieces of functionality are not integrated gracefully. You can add an *.ics file from an event in the Jive Event module into your Outlook calendar, but that's the extent of the integration. There is currently no recurring event functionality within the Jive Event module and what Jive for Outlook excels at is helping you convert email conversations to discussions within Jive and utilizing Outlook to have conversations within Jive. It does not focus on the calendar piece at all.

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