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    Idea Content Type? Where do we post suggestions or ideas to improve the Jive platform?


      I am not seeing the Idea Content type anywhere on the Jive Platform in the Internal or External Communities. Where do we post Ideas to improve the platform?


      In lieu of that here is one that can possibly pull form programming you already have in the Customer Experience or CRM side of the house. We need this to embellish the User experience (at least as far as we use the Jive platform On Prem) marketing internally using Direct Messages.




      Utilize a Direct Messaging back end Internal Console for Community Managers to reach customers. We need a method to utilize User joining (registration and creation of a profile) to communicate using Direct Messages and automate them. Social Media uses birthdays to great effect. Community Managers (and Internal Intranets) may not want to use email when we have DMs. We prefer to make it more personal with DMs we can set for making contact regular in time intervals by week, monthly, Custom, Yearly.