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    Better manual reward submission process for quests in Jive Rewards | Product Idea


      One of the ways we decided to use Jive Rewards was to support offline requests. This includes events like people earning a certification badge, people being nominated for and then earning a quarterly award.


      We've now reached a point at which we have three such programs running, and it is starting to get harder for the CM team to manually manage this process. What I'd love to see is the ability to:

      • Assign a manager to a specific quest
      • The manager then has an awards management screen where they can
        • Individually award/revoke the quest to a person by using a manual picker
        • Upload a list of email addresses to bulk award/revoke the quest
          *this should NOT require them to upload a file with Revoke or Reward in the file itself, but choose that option before uploading the file in order to minimize confusion


      An additional element that would make these kinds of rewards much more powerful is to be able to add a skill term to a quest such that when the quest is awarded to someone, the skill is automatically added to their person's profile. This would help because it would provide a consistent skill that could then be used to search for people acknowledged as having that expertise.




      Libby Taylor - I think I remember that Koby Rodig was the product manager for Jive Rewards. Not sure who to tag at this time.